Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin's Feminism?

Ran across this.

The article is about Sarah Palin's membership in a Pro-Life Organization, which the article claims has "the centerpiece of their work being that abortion is exploitative, coercive, and always wrong and harmful, for any and all women everywhere, in every circumstance."

But the article also points out that "their web site speaks out on numerous issues of concern to women, such as violence against women, honor killings, coercive sterilization, literacy, child care, sex trafficking, and female genital mutilation."

So conservative groups are not only using feminist discourse, they are also using feminist causes. The group even explicitly names itself as feminist. But in the media and in politically minded arguments these groups do not count as feminist.

Perhaps one way to open up feminism to a larger body of supportive individuals is to include these conservative feminists into our left leaning definition of feminists, calling attention to these groups in conjunction with organizations like NOW and NARAL. This may be a way of revitalizing feminism in the public eye, and perhaps a step along the way to resurrecting it from the grave TIME supposedly dug in 1998.

At the very least, the fact that these feminist organizations are pro-life should not exclude them from being invited to join in other feminist efforts.


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